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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I hope you are well, could you help me with something? I'm trying to create a fracture of an object with vellum grains, I'm using clusters to create the pieces that I want to break and a mask with mops to trigger the simulation, but I would like to increase the amount of cluster over the simulation time, is it possible with cluster attribute? for example, I would like it to break into large parts first, a few frames ahead, break smaller parts, and then smaller ones, and so on until it turns to dust Thanks a lot if anyone can give me some tips. I added a hipfile here thank you! clusters_v1.hiplc
  2. Hello Everyone, I am wondering can some one explain the details of a clustered simulation. I was wondering when I saw the clustering simulation why the individual clusters can't be saved as a scene and have it run on multiple computers since it would work on a renderfarm. So I'm wondering how the actual process works does the simulation have to work simultaneously where each cluster is still somehow referring to each other for calculations.
  3. Hello! When I make a smoke trail, it makes several containers for the same smoke. This is something I love when I make the simulation. But when I export it to VDB and try to render it, it only renders a black cube. I discovered that it was because the simulation had several containers because when I filter it with a Blast and choose only one containers, I avoid this problem. Would there be a way to merge all containers into one? Thank you!
  4. hey I cant figure out how to resize smoke fields when using clustering via point instancing. When I use the smoke source, it wont take the clusters into account, instead using the bound of all clusters together. But I like to resize the smoke clusters accordingly see attached hipfile SMOKE_CLUSTER_TRACKING.hip
  5. Hey, im doing a simulation whereby im clustering my voronoi objects with glue so that i can use Bullet. The problem is that when i come to export the sim out (to alembic) all of these objects are being exported as individuals rather than in their clusters, which is really expensive (around 10000+ objects on export as opposed to around 1000). Is there a way i can merge/ combine the glue-clustered objects post-sim to create actual 'combined objects' for export?
  6. Hi everyone, first post here. I'm starting to learn houdini and of course i need a lot of help since the documentation is quite poor...i hope you guys can give me some heads up. My problem is basically the old brickwall destruction problem. My goal is to destroy the wall having clusters of bricks, single bricks and brick shards. and of course i would like the clusters to break into smaller clusters or single brick on every subsequent impact and so on. So far i managed to create a glue network which i delete gradually using a sphere with points from volume node, and painted clusters which are not deletable, so they should behave like subsets of the main glue network (breaking accordingly to their strength). And here the odd behaviour happen...glue network bonds seems to reappear and stop the shards quite randomly. anybody has any idea? any help would be so much appreciated also, some tips on how to paint different vaues of glue strength or how to procedurally set the glue strength based on distance between pieces would be a plus. thanks so much in advance to anyone who replies this post you can find attached a flipbook showing in red the glue network bonds that reappear houdiniFlipbook.mov
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