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Found 10 results

  1. If you love procedural setups, fractal maths, for loops, and generally just experimenting in Houdini, this is the gig for you. Short but mega fun five week project for film franchise. Time to rinse every entagma tutorial you've ever done. Ideally able to work for the London office. Apply here please: https://cinesitelondon.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=38
  2. Just handed in my last university piece and I've created a showreel with all of my work for the past year. Feed back would be really nice thank you. Showreel: VJ loops created for my dissertation: https://vimeo.com/338014461
  3. Hi my name is Nicolas Heluani, I am a Motion/VFX artist based in Iceland. For the past few years I been working mainly in Motion Graphics for local TV productions. But I am trying to move into more challenging VFX tasks, a subject I always loved. I am a highly creative abstract thinker with an ease in math and VEX. I like to constantly challenge myself into learning how things work and then do it myself. I am attaching here my demo-reel, I hope you like it. For more info please send me a PM at nicolasheluani@gmail.com If you have read so far, thank you, and at least I hope you enjoyed my reel. I plan to update my Vimeo feed soon with some work I am currently doing, like I said I am constantly challenging myself Nico.
  4. Hey guys I interviewed Manuel Tausch (FX TD/co founder of Stormborn Studios) for FX World. The interview went live today. Here's the link! http://fxworld.tv/interview-with-manuel-tausch-pt-1/
  5. Available: August 1st The past year I have been working remotely, mainly focusing on Feature Film work, but also doing some FX Design type work, like below. Looking for remote work primarily, but able to be on location for up to 2 weeks if needed. Let me know if you think I might be a good fit for an upcoming project. www.RyCoFX.com I also offer a discounted rate the first time I book with a new vendor, when invoicing through my LLC.
  6. Hi everyone, happy new year. We're looking for an experienced Houdini FX TD to join us in Bournemouth, UK for some huge projects in 2018. If you're looking for something new and fancy a change of scenery, we'd love to hear from you ASAP at talent@outpostvfx.co.uk. For a closer look at what we've been up to recently, check out our latest showreel here: Thanks!
  7. Flames

    FX TD

    As part of Hasbro Entertainment, Boulder Media is building a new feature film studio in Dublin Ireland. Creating Full Animated Feature films. We are looking for Feature experienced Houdini FX TDs please follow the link below when applying. We will also be posting Senior FX Artist positions soon. http://www.bouldermedia.tv/job/fx-td-for-feature-film-production/
  8. You are a FX TD for several years now, love to work on movies with a very high quality and always wanted to work in one of the two studios worldwide with a HOUDINI based pipeline? RISE FX is currently looking for Mid to Senior Level Houdini artists to join our team ASAP for a very exciting feature film! Required skills: minimum 2 years houdini experience prior experience creating photo-real fx elements for feature film experience in shading, lighting and rendering with mantra, both fx and hard surface experience creating water, particles, explosions or destruction sequences is highly desirable Responsibilities: efficiently work to direction of vfx + cg supervisor’s creative and technical briefs create exceptionally realistic fx animation and effects work with animation + lighting as necessary in order to meet fx animation objectives ability to adapt your effects as the brief evolves If you are interested please send an email with a LINK to your newest SHOWREEL and a CV to jobs@risefx.com. We are always looking for meeting new talents to join our lovely team! PLEASE NOTE: You need a valid working permit for the European Union in order to apply. Unfortunately we can’t assist you in getting one for the moment beeing.
  9. Blue Sky Studios is looking for FX TDs for our next feature. Please apply on our website: http://blueskystudios.com/working-here/jobs/
  10. Houdini FX TD with experience working on films such at The Expendables 3, Automata, Survivor and The Legend of Hercules looking for new opportunities. CV available here.
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