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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am using houdini 19 on linux(centos) and I keep getting an error on the filecache node whenever I try to use the "save to Disk in Background" method. The entire topnet dots just red out and shows the two warnings below in node info. The "save to disk" option works fine though. Warning Unable to read file "/home/user/Desktop/filecaeTest/geo/FIleTEst.rotBox/v1/FIleTEst.rotBox_v1.0001.bgeo.sc". Warning GeometryIO[hjson]: Unable to open file '/home/user/Desktop/filecaeTest/geo/FIleTEst.rotBox/v1/FIleTEst.rotBox_v1.0001.bgeo.sc' GeometryIO[hclassic]: Unable to open file '/home/user/Desktop/filecaeTest/geo/FIleTEst.rotBox/v1/FIleTEst.rotBox_v1.0001.bgeo.sc' Also I tested saving to background in windows and it works fine. Not sure why it is does not work on linux. Am I missing anything or any additional steps on linux required?
  2. Hi , I am facing issue to get uv attribute when i am exporting houdini hairgen to katana. Below is what I am doing. 1. I have deleted all unwanted group and attribute. 2. created attribute wrangle primitive-- u@fur_uv = set(@uv.x, @uv.y); 3. promoted primitive attribute to point, so i get 2float point fur_uv attribute. 4. export to alembic. My issue is when i reimport it in houdini texture on alembic groom works but in katana i am not seeing this 2float point attribute called fur_uv and my fur textures are not visible.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone knows how to create an iridescent reflective material with MaterialX in H19 for Karma? Similar to this ref below https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1022450809-reflection-iridescent-luminous-background-hologram-holographic-pattern Would love to see an example in a hip file. Thanks in advance! Stephen
  4. Hello, In Houdini 19, the "Resample SOP" isn't work as before when I set the "Treat Polygon As" to "Subdivision Curves"..! Is this a bug? Thanks for helping. Resample Curve.hip
  5. Thanks to help from hoomans on the SideFX houdini forum, I have exported a textured model from Maya 2022 to USD, then imported into Houdini 19 as a LOP network. Unfortunately, the materials have come across with only the base color texture maps as a constant shader. I have to replace these basic shaders with MaterialX shaders, with separate texture maps linked to base color, metalness, specular_roughness, and normal. The attached image shows a MaterialX that I manually rebuilt and applied to to the screen-left spherical tank. Is there a procedural way to search and replace all the basic shaders with MaterialX shaders, and re-wire all the texture maps? Thanks
  6. Vellum Groups in Houdini 19

    Hey all, In the past I've set up primitive groups and then applied forces to specific vellum objects inside of the vellum solver. However, the same set up isn't working in houdini 19 for some reason, did something change? File attached to illustrate what I mean. Thanks!! VellumGroupTest_v01.hiplc Edit: Looks like Pop Speed Limit requires a point group