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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone knows how to create an iridescent reflective material with MaterialX in H19 for Karma? Similar to this ref below https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1022450809-reflection-iridescent-luminous-background-hologram-holographic-pattern Would love to see an example in a hip file. Thanks in advance! Stephen
  2. I'm trying to create a deck of cards in USD, Assuming the correct method would be to create a single card and it have 52 variants of texture maps. I can get this in SOPS, and using a Principled Shader, but not with MaterialX So far I can almost get to what I want to do, what I don’t understand is how to change the texture path for MaterialX variants https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/lop/materialvariation.html If I set up a variant for a basic Principled Shader it works ok as it just changes the texture map path and replaces the basecolor_texture so I get the next card face in sequence The Material Variation node looks like this (it updates the texture on the back of the card too but that's another issue) but MaterialX it doesn't work, I guess because it's another node connecting to that input, how do I reference this? If I hover over the MtlX Standard Surface it gives me base_colorr, base_colorg, base_colorb, hovering over the image node gives me 'file' Thanks for any help, I'm assuming this is some basic part of the way Houdini references the nodes that I don't understand.
  3. Thanks to help from hoomans on the SideFX houdini forum, I have exported a textured model from Maya 2022 to USD, then imported into Houdini 19 as a LOP network. Unfortunately, the materials have come across with only the base color texture maps as a constant shader. I have to replace these basic shaders with MaterialX shaders, with separate texture maps linked to base color, metalness, specular_roughness, and normal. The attached image shows a MaterialX that I manually rebuilt and applied to to the screen-left spherical tank. Is there a procedural way to search and replace all the basic shaders with MaterialX shaders, and re-wire all the texture maps? Thanks
  4. How do I use MaterialX - Worleynoise3D in Karma? Not supported? I can't find any information anywhere. Other mxlx 2d 3d noise works fine. mtlxUsdPrimvarReader(vec3 rest) --> mtlxworleynoise3d(position) --> mtlxstandard_surface(basecolor) ==> Black mtlxUsdPrimvarReader(vec2 st) --> mtlxworleynoise2d(position) --> mtlxstandard_surface(basecolor) ==> Black
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