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Found 7 results

  1. I am having sidefx labs icons missing in my shelf. I am facing this trouble in Houdini 19.5.355 as well as 19.0.657. All other shelf icons appear perfectly well. How do I fix this?
  2. trying to export VAT for an animated geo. The animation in Unity seems exaggerated. its not correct Can someone export the vertex textures to check in Unity? i cant pinpoint the source of the problem, but i think it is related to the original geometry and not the unity settings regular sphere with an animated noise works, but this particular geo for some reason doesnt do well with VAT Any advice will be much appreciated head.abc test.hip
  3. Hey guys, Tried to Update the Toolset but nothing shows up there. Houdini Launcher shows it as if it is installed though (SideFXLabs19.0 - 19.0.498) Does anyone ever had this issue? Best, Alvaro
  4. Diving inside the network i can see the rop fbx responsible for exporting the low res fbx geo. I am trying to do the same thing in an other setup but i cant figure out how does it get triggered. Usually you have to press the Save button or build a TOP network. i dont see any TOP networks inside the HDA
  5. Hello, I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I'm using the OSM Import node from the SideFX labs toolshelf, I installed it from the toolshelf panel. Everytime I click the "Generate Marker nodes" checkbox I get this error: I filed a bug for it and have been in contact with SideFX support, they told me to check the permissions of the package folders, I did that and my user have Full Access to the folder. They stopped responding and now i don't know how to solve it. I tried installing different versions of Houdini and the toolshelf but I always end up having the same problem. If anyone have any suggestions on what could be the cause that would be highly appreciated. -Stina
  6. I can’t find for the life of me any support for this lab tool. any recommendations?
  7. Hi i want to create/assign different (quick) materials in a for each loop - somehow it doesn't work out as expected -> each loop I create an object, in the labs quick material I name the material based on "iteration" of the meta tag but at the end the shop_materialpath is the same for every element - I guess that each loop the material gets assigned and in the next loop overwritten -> and this way all elements update their material path. What is the best way to handle this problem - the goal is to create procedural many materials for unreal ps: I also tried the same thing with copy stamp sop Thanks for help
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