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Found 10 results

  1. I've created a sphere primitive in vex, using: centre_pt = addpoint(0, pos); sphere_prim = addprim(0, 'sphere', centre_pt); I want to be able to vary its size in the viewport but can't work out how to do it. When a sphere prim is added using a SOP, the sphere's size can be changed using scale (the Uniform scale slider). I thought that this vex would therefore do the same thing: setprimattrib(0, 'scale', sphere_prim, chf('sphere_size'), 'set'); but changing chf('sphere_size') has no effect on the sphere's size. (I've also tried replacing 'scale' with 'radius', and also with 'radx', 'rady' and 'radz'.) I've found this link cgwiki which explains how to do it for a prim that has multiple points but a sphere prim only has its single central point. How can I change a sphere prim's size in vex?
  2. RBD Spheres fall through box

    Hey people of the internet, I feel like I'm being really dumb and I cant work this out. I haven't had much experience with RBD solvers because I usually use C4D for these sort of simple setups. Basically I have a load of spheres inside a box and I want the box to contain them. Unfortunately, the spheres just pass through. I have fiddled with it and can get it to work. If it's set to bullet it sticks some of the spheres and the rest pass through. I have attached a screenshot of my set up.
  3. I just did a Python script to create a sphere only with nulls. Actually can be done any shape you want. Here the video with the HIP file included: I know, it's a completely useless and silly project, but was fun to do. Any comment will be welcomed, Oscar
  4. Floating Fountain WIP

    I've been remaking this old shot I had worked on 3.5 years ago, taking the old footage/files and completely reworking the sim, render and comp. Feedback welcome
  5. wondering how to make a sphere move in spiral way in X,Z axis only , either starting form the middle and expanding outside or vice versa, so i can emit from it flip simulation
  6. Hello all, I'm having trouble recreating this image... I'v made a sphere have tried to slice it in vdb's but cannot figure out how to achieve the shape? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated! thanks,
  7. RBD not interacting!

    Hi guys, so I'm doing a scene where berries falling into a bowl but I use a sphere and a simple cup modeled to visualize then I realized when I use rbd object on the sphere and static object on the cup, the sphere doesn't drop into the cup but instead it drop just before the cup. I've been trying to figure out but I have no idea why it turns out like that. Any clue what happened? testyog.avi
  8. hello, I'm trying to mesh a group of point, from an array. It gives a meshed sphere but with hole, and overlapping points. I guess I shd use some condition but I'm not really sure how.. int total =40; int prim; float r = 200.0; float lon = -($PI); //-pi,pi float lat = -($PI)/2;//-pi/2, pi/2 float step_lon = lon/total; //angle sur la longitude float step_lat = lat/total;//angle sur la latitude int globe[] = {0,0,0}; for (int i=0 ; i<total+1; i++){ for (int j=0; j< total+2; j++){ //polar to cartesian float x = r * sin(lon) * cos(lat); float y = r * sin(lon) * sin(lat); float z = r * cos(lon); //vector pos vector pos = set(x,y,z); //feed array, create points sphere globe[j]=addpoint(geoself(), pos); int v1 = globe[j]; int v2 = globe[j+1]; int v3 = globe[j+2]; prim = addprim(geoself(), "poly"); addvertex(geoself(), prim, v1); addvertex(geoself(), prim, v2); addvertex(geoself(), prim, v3); //setpointattrib(geoself(), "lat", v1, j, "set"); // setpointattrib(geoself(), "lat", v2, j+1, "set"); //setpointattrib(geoself(), "lat", v3, j+2, "set"); lat += step_lat; } lon +=step_lon; } IT Looks like it miss half of the primitives. thks HIP FILE : sphere_od.hipnc
  9. spheres copied on points collision

    Hi, I am stuck in a weird problem for one of my project. In fact there are 2 problems: 1) I have a source from where points are emitting inside pop. Outside pop, using copy sop spheres has been copied on per point. Problem is spheres intersect each other when they collide. How to use collision in this case? 2) When points are emitted they tend to align with them selves so they look streamlined. How to break them so that they look little scattered not so much but little just to give variation? Thanks.
  10. cell animation Pop&Dop ?

    how can I realization appending mov feeling.? please give me a tip & work process ㅠㅠ Microbiology-HD.mov