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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Guys! Noob question... I have a character with modeled/sculpted hair, and I want to make it dynamic. The thing is. I´m using a spline for each hair chunk, and the vellum solver to make that spline dynamic. I like the motion I´m getting on the splines, but when I use the wire capture/wire deform combo, The mesh gets flattened. It follows the motion, but it looses all the volume/shape. Is there a way to keep the hair´s shape?? or am I trying to solve this the wrong way?? I hope the images below can show the issue. Thanks in advance! EM
  2. Hey people of Houdini, Sat on a train and my brain is going into overdrive trying to understand how.... I have a spline in a knitshape that I have copied to create a square. I want this to follow the shape of the surface of my geometry. How? I have basically built a knitting setup similar to Ben watts so I have that working with the square I now want it to be in the shape of my geo.... Any help would be amazing Thanks!
  3. Hi there, Very new to Houdini, I am looking to export volume trails into Cinema 4D, weather by exporting the points or turning the points into splines and then exporting, as long as I avoid geometry because it's dense. Also, I do not have the Houdini engine. Any ideas on how this can be done?
  4. Hello guys. I'm really digging Houdini and have been digging deep into training all over about it. It's a really steep learning curve but I'm seeing some of the rewards. I've been playing with Alembic import a lot as I'm used to Cinema 4D, and I find I can create things much faster there. I know the simulations are top notch in Houdini though so my pipeline ends up with me animating in C4D then sending it out. Importing has been the problem I've been running into. Right now I'm trying to scale with alembic node down. I read on a forum somewhere that I could plug a Null node up to the alembic archive and scale the whole thing down that way, but even with a basic cube in Houdini hooked up to a Null I'm getting no visual indication that any sort of scale is happening. I've clicked on just about everything I can think of in the Null settings. I can edit the transforms with the actual shapes themselves but I have a lot of shapes, and I'd like to take care of them in one go. I have a whole slew of other questions that just keep coming up that none of my training seems to cover, and I'm just trying to fill in the blanks here. The program is quite powerful, but so unwieldy at times.
  5. While I'm not new to 3D animation (been using 3DSMax off and on since it was in v5 way back) I am entirely new to Houdini. I have a plug in that creates an animated mesh along the length of a spline and, while I get it to work, animate and render out just fine, for some reason I can NOT get the base spline it follows to animate and I to be able to get the effect to work, I need to be able to animate the vertices of the spline. Auto-key and manually setting keyframes hasn't worked, but works for other things like mesh objects and what have you. I'm currently using Houdini FX v.12.5.316.22, if that helps. Does Houdini, for some reason, not allow the animation of splines? I'd find that a little hard to believe... can anyone help?
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