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Found 6 results

  1. So, I am very new to Houdini, by that I mean a few days new. I came from a blender background. I had a very specific effect/set of effects that i wanted to achieve when deciding to learn Houdini (Seen in the video). Despite only having been using Houdini I have developed a effect that is good, but not for all instances. I have created a very similar ground fracture using the following node system: This works for ground simulations, but it is not satisfactory for the fracture simulations found on the statues. Essentially I just want to be able to affect the fracture pieces encompassed in a bounding object, but keep all the other pieces in place (see 0:06 in the video). Quick capture of my current simulation below. https://gyazo.com/e96f7a80027bc63dd3c6832c19b0e14f
  2. Hi, i have a problem with glue constraints when I am doing second voronoi fracture. I dont know if this is an issue with pivot ? or something else. Can anyone help ? This one are correct, after first voronoi and then after for each loop I have this. I put in transform pivot tab $CEX,$CEY,$CEZ. Any help appreciate Thanks Mike glue_con_problem.hip
  3. I'm learning Voronoi fracture these days. And I'm doing a wood-like fracture test tonight. But I can't do pinning the RBD fracture object to the ground and glued them together at the same time. My RBD fracture object starts jittering and fall down when I use the Glue adjacent shelf tool to glue them together. Very appreciated that you guys can share some ideas on how to do that. Thank you very much. Have a nice day. wood fracture.hipnc
  4. Hello, I have an issue, I'm trying to make voronoi fracture on alembic. The effects that i look for is to make this fracture shaped like wood beam. I tried to use attribute interpolate to scatter points on surface. It almost works but if I scale this voroni fracture before and after, some pieces are moving. (netbox1 side of geo) I also cant use voronoi fracture point.(netbox2). And the last idea is to use clothe deforme. But it doesnt work. My animation is freezed. Idea form this topic http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17532-alembic-fracture/ deformedAlem.abc beamFracture_abc.hipnc
  5. Hello everyone, I am working on voronoi Fracture simulation for bridge destruction effect, and I am facing one problem in my simulation. i used packed object RBD fracture option and when i am simulating my mesh with the external impact of static object, its breaking with all the pieces in a very nice way but some pieces are taking hold in the air. These pieces should be fall down with the other objects but its now going with the flow of simulation. Can any body tell me the reason why is it not falling down ? Thanks
  6. Hey I've been playing with peeling/ silenthill effect using voronoi fracture + spring SOP. It went well with stll object. But I cant get it to work with deformed object. I've managed to use rest position to maintain voronoi fracture pieces. However, the deformation mass up spring SOP. How can I approach this? Thanks.
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