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Found 13 results

  1. I'm trying to get these two objects to move towards each other after they hit the ground. Blend solvers are being used to allow the objects to transition between their keyframed positions and dynamic states and I need to add an attractive force which is what the spring constraint is supposed to be for. If I plug it in and doing nothing to it outside of hooking up the constrained object and the goal object it works fine. However, I want to control the timing of it so it can work it into an animation. When I tried to keyframe the spring strength or activation parameters the constraint would stop working or not work properly. Result from keyframing the activation parameter. The objects do not pull towards each other, the constraint just keeps them in place. Node network Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Guys, I'm trying to create a constraint network for simulating Car Suspensions, but with no results. I just need a simple "spring effect" between Body and Wheels (please find a video example attached). How I can do it? Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thank you! I've attached a simple file test I'm working on. Car Example.mp4 Cartest.hip
  3. Down the rabbit hole we go. I have two packed rbd objects and one static object for collision purposes. Of the two rbd packed objects, one is static deforming and the other is active deforming. My goal is to constrain the AD to the SD using spring constraints and then hit them with the static object breaking some of the constraints. The problem is no amount of strength will keep the pieces together, the whole thing just explodes. None of the pieces are interpenetrating. It's fine until it gets hit but once they begin to move, the spring get stretched to crazy lengths and become unstable. Overwriting the springs each frame seems to keep things together and apply forces in a somewhat predictable manner. However, overwriting them each frame makes trying to delete the constraints both in sops and a solver within dops seemingly impossible. Bullet and the constraint solver both manage to pick up the springs and attach them to their respective pieces no matter how I delete them and thus pieces go flying all over the place. I'll be working on putting together an example file but it will take some time to recreate since I can't attach the studio file >.< In the mean time, perhaps someone has set up something similar to this and found a work around to having to overwrite the springs each frame? If so any help would be very much appreciated.
  4. I fractured a box. It falls into another box and smashes... The pieces are flying all over and looks like shattering glass or something. Is there a simple way to put on some spring constraints or something so it breaks more "natural or cool" . Tried glue, but it just cuts off at impact point. Kind of splitting object in half. Want it to bend before breaking softly. Like a candy bar.
  5. I fractured a box. It falls into another box and smashes... The pieces are flying all over and looks like shattering glass or something. Is there a simple way to put on some spring constraints or something so it breaks more "natural or cool" . Tried glue, but it just cuts off at impact point. Kind of splitting object in half. Want it to bend before breaking softly. Like a candy bar.
  6. Hey. I have a problem with overwriting values from wire object in SOP Solver. If klinear parameter (Linear Spring Constant) is set to 300 in wire object and then I'm writing inside sopsolver in point wrangle @klinear = 300; just for test, then my simulation looks different, less stabile (?). Why is that happening? This is the same value so it should be the same sim. I was trying to put sopsolver before and after the wire solver and there was the same situation.
  7. Hello, In Houdini 16 is there a way to add a spring constraint to a Coth object. Want to simulate rope/cable anchors. A standard pin constraint with Soft doesn't feel like the cloth is tied down by rope and would also like to have that Max length parameter. Alternatively, if I can use a Wire simulation to be used as a spring constraint that would also work. However, my attempts at doing this have been disappointing. Wire sim would either become the dominate force by pulling the cloth down like a lead weight or the cloth with pull the wire like taffy, And large values were used in the wire setting to no avail. Any thoughts? -Thanks
  8. I have one packed primitive object which consists of several pieces of geo merged together. At sop level (before it is set to become a packed primitive) I have created a core group and an outer group. I would like the core group (the red group) to remained glued only to itself and the outer group(the green group) to be spring constrained to the inner group and itself. The trick is how can I do this without manually blasting the undesired glue connections or using the delete by color method? The reason being that I have very complex geo which is very close together. I have a simple test set up .hip attached. The real which geo I am actually working on it extremely full and chaotic. Thanks! packed_relationship_04.hip
  9. I am trying to create a basic particle system with spring-mass constraints based on Hooke's law with the aim of creating some granular simulations. I am still learning Houdini so i'm just trying to assess the options to achieve this.. Could I just use a popWrangle to update forces and velocities inside a popnet? Or would it be better to use gas microsolvers? The ultimate goal is to achieve this!: baby steps first though..
  10. Hey I've been playing with peeling/ silenthill effect using voronoi fracture + spring SOP. It went well with stll object. But I cant get it to work with deformed object. I've managed to use rest position to maintain voronoi fracture pieces. However, the deformation mass up spring SOP. How can I approach this? Thanks.
  11. Hello everybody, I am trying to simulate skin peeling effect on a deforming object These are the steps that i followed 1) using sop solver i transferred the color attribute to the deforming geo. 2) fractured it 3)Grouped the Black pts as fixed points 4) finallly fed it into spring sop But i am unable to get the effect and i am stuck at this point. Kindly have a look at the attached file and help me with this issue. Regards, Ganesh for odforce.hip
  12. This SOP written entirely in python creates helixes from the geometrical points. >It calculates the center of the geo and each helix is created in the direction of a Vector from the center to the point. >It works even if the geometry is translated and rotated by pre-transforming and post-transforming it. >It provides controls for controlling the shape length etc of the helixes. >It creates point attributes "tangentx" "tangenty" "tangentz" which are the components of a normalized vector tangential to the helixes at every point.These can be used to add tangentail normals using point sop. >It creates point attributes "init_x" "init_y" "init_z" which are the co-ordinates of the birth point of every helix.These can be used to group them. Feedback please Helixes_from_geo.otl
  13. What do you think? https://vimeo.com/60872935 Peeling using Houdini 12.1 clouds and fog using Maya 2013 composited in nuke
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