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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! I'm trying to build a simple constraint network with two sets of wires (pink and black). Each set of lines should be connected within itself, and should be repelled to the other set. The wires simulate ok and the constraint of WireGlue works to keep them together. The problem is when integrating the WirePush (Bullet soft constraint, restlength 1.5), it all gets connected weirdly. I have tried it with Spring constraint and it's the same, it doesn't push the wires at all just gets jumbled. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong as I have followed examples of merging multiple constraints by creating and assigning @constraint_name. Any help would be super appreciated! network_constraints_question.hipnc
  2. Hi, everyone I'm trying to animate the width of a wire with a noise. Ihave no probleme to do it outside the DOP, but cant figure out to do animate the scale in the simulation. I tryed the to animate the thickness in the vellum solver, but not much more success. The only way I found was to animate the pscale with the pop grain, but it's made of spheres so I guess the wire solver would be more robust. Anyone has an idea ? Thanks
  3. Greetings, I have a wire solver setup and I want to attract wires toward a custom point. I cannot find the way how to add a force toward a certain point. should i make an attribute or use a node? any help would be appreciated. thanks,
  4. I have a character has some Ornaments on his body. How can i simulation this.what is the best for doing this vellum or wire solver?
  5. Hey everyone, I am animating wires using the wire solver but I would like to add a bit of control so i can remove the constraints allowing some pieces to fall as i choose. I read through the constraint network houdini wiki page but I'm still having trouble. Any help would be great! Thank you! wires_v002.hip
  6. Hey all, I am very new to Houdini and am trying to use the wire object/wire solver to simulate fur on a tiger. I have it setup and working, but when I increase the number of curves I'm simulating, I get some issues. Mainly, some of the wires get caught inside the tiger geometry and look like they get stuck and therefore stretch. It seems to be when the tiger's legs come very close together, the wires from one leg get stuck inside the other. Does anyone have any experience on how to resolve this? I am using volume based collisions on a static object and static solver, and the settings are pretty much the default settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi all! I'm doing a rope sim with wire solver. And I wanna interact wire with RBD sim. I did each sim at the same time in the same DOP network. But it was not doing well. problems are... 1.Why the wire goes through the cube? 2.Why the cube breaks before the wire hits? Any solutions? Thanks. WireBullet_test.hip
  8. Hello, I've been playing with the wire solver and have this basic setup: A couple of wires on a grid falling down on the ground. What I would like to do is give every wire a different elasticity. Now the elasticity is set for the whole wire object and everything that is inside it. How can you address each individual wire and give it a random elasticity value? Thanks in advance. WireSolver_01_BasicSetup_01.hipnc
  9. Hello all, does anyone have any tips on applying nice looking ambient wind to wire objects? I have several wires constrained together in a way that is working well, but I'm having a hard time getting any good looking wind to give them ambient movement. I've tried the wind force several times, but can't seem to figure out how to get good results from it. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I am trying to pick up fur simulation now, have been following the Houdini 16 masterclass, I wanted to try some stuff and started by adding a ground plane inside the simulation ( node generated by the shelf tool) the guide wires are sticking to the ground. you guys know why? I tried making friction 0, dynamic friction scale ( I don't know what it does) but made it 0 anyway. wires.mov Fur_02.hipnc wires.mov
  11. Hello all, I'm using Houdini's Wire Solver for my master's thesis on hair simulation. In the text I want to talk about the way hair is being simulated. Based on the parameters the Wire Solver offers, I expect it to simulate Wire Objects like a mass-spring system. When searching the documentation, I can't seem to be able to confirm this. Does anybody here have some confirmation of it using a mass-spring system or have a different intuition about how the Wire Solver works? Thanks for any reactions, Tim
  12. Hi there, I'm trying to connect a wire object to a sail. So far so good. Unfortunately the wire is stretching and stretching. Redusing density or mass isn't helping, also the linear spring constraint isn't doing anything usefull. Actually a pretty high value lets the wire behave crazy. What would be the way to prevent that dudes from stretching?
  13. Hey there, I am currently trying to simulate a (single) falling fir-branch like the ones you can see in this image: I would like to use a wire solver for that, but I am having a hard time to make the needles stick to the branch. How would you go about that? Desired setup: * branch as wire obejct (soft body behavior when colliding) * needles as wire object attached to the branch (soft body behaviour as well) * gravity in place, falling fir-branch, colliding with a ground plane. I tried the "Attach wires to surface" shelftool, but that attaches the selected wire points only to existing points on the branch-geo (which is low res, with just a few points). I would like the needles to be independent of the branch geo so that I can have a rather lowres branch geo (tube, less subdivs), and lots of needles. I would like to attach them like it is possible with folicles in maya, having them stick wherever they are on the surface, not having them stick to one of the input points on the fir branche geo. Using the point attribute "pintoanimation" or "gluetoanimation" also does not work. Doing so, the needles jitter around as soon as they are not in line with a points of the underlying branch geo. Do you guys know any solution for that? Thanks in advance for your time and help! Cheers, Philipp
  14. Coming from 3DSMAX I'm looking for a way to have a 'hose' connected to and move freely between two animated objects. As a test I have two boxes, between which I have drawn a curve/line. The two boxes I then convert to static rigid bodies, and the curve into a wire. If I use attach wire to surface - the wire then drifts away from the point I attached it to. I've tried changing the strength but it doesn't have any impact other than exploding at higher levels. Could someone point me in the right direction please, as it would be greatly appreciated. I'll have to apologise, I discovered that if I change the constraint type value from soft to hard I appear to get a similar effect, although it doesn't like dynamically stretching?
  15. thekorsar

    Wire solver

    Hi everyone! I'm trying make this effect http://youtu.be/YAHExJE53gs?t=23s but there is an artifact like thishttps://www.dropbox.com/s/l2atvfs6aucij1u/wire_problem_elastic.jpg i tried most attributes,but I can not define a parameter if there is a knowledgeable person, tell me an advice please test_wire.hip
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