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Szymon's demoreel


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This is an invalid AVI file due to the corruption of the data in theheader. This is a serious problem and this file is not likely to be playable

Details: when processing chunk /RIFF:AVI , found bad length value 45575274 at file offset 0x00000526

dont tell me I have to download this again :(

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm very happy you like it!!

Marc, would be really cool if you could post it at Odforce as my polish server sucks.

By the way guys: I'm looking for a job now, so if you really like my demo and you know someone out there who would want to hire me, please drop me a line ;)


Once again, enjoy my demo :D

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Thanks :)

As I said before, you can also download it here: http://www.forum3d.kom-net.pl/f3dftp.php?id=236

It's a faster mirror.

Also Marc promissed to put it at odforce.net. marc? R U there? :)

Tutorials... yeah, sure. I write articles for polish 3d magazines from few years. Also in english for new very cool magazine called Rendernode

First issue will be totally free to download in 2 weeks.

There is my Maya particle article, but in next issue you'll read about cool particle effect done in Houdini. Hope you'll like it.

You can see pre issue preview here and my article is here


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hello? yes.... I'm here :). Just slacking off, thats all.

I will write a note on my hand to do it tonight. :D . Although my internet at home has been down for 2 days, so lets hope its fixed tonight.

Sorry for the delay


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