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Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud


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So interesting...both setups!

Bunker, I was checking your scene and the visualization coming from the DOP network is really cool even in OpenGL!! :huh: So I tried to cache this somehow, but when I used an DOP I/O I realized I needed to multiply the density 10 times (I used a Volume Mix for this, not sure if there´s a faster way...this one works) to match your visualization parameters in the smoke dobject.

My question being....in order to render a scene like this, would you just cache that and throw in a volume shader? I´m bettin it can´t be that difficult to get it looking nice, considering how good it looks in Open GL already! :)

EDIT: Yup. I just did it...well, with one small frame because my computer is too old to render volumes, but it does work....

EDIT2: ummm...bunker, why is it that as the point cloud lifts higher your volume clouds looses density? did you check it? it doesn´t look right to me. The original point cloud does loose a bit of point density, but not as much. Looks to me like there´s some volume-related problem there...

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Great stuff guys, I have learnt so much from your examples. Now I have 2 questions :)

shareu: Why did you used the point cloud instead of just global node with P and stuff?

bunker: Why the density starts to fade off after certain point?


Also my example using similar (not identical) setup:


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Couldn't resist using that for a volume sim. biggrin.gif


Sorry for this up, but I want to advect fluid in particle and the example of Bunker is what I would like to do.

I'm in Houdini 12 and Smoke solver is different from Bunker's version.

Could you help me to make the same effect as Bunker?

I already have a begin of result, but I don't have the same result as Bunker.

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