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Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud

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I have the same problem as Kevju.

When I open Bunkers file I get nothing.

It shows that I create a volume but I can see nothing.

It seams as though the sourcing does not work with the current smoke solver or something like that.

Could someone explain how the sourcing works exactly because I can't seam to get sourcing to work.



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Amazing learning resources!

thank you very much guys!!

bunker's volume sim looks pretty cool.

I was trying to achieve the same thing but with flames instead of just the smoke but being quite noob to pyro (and fluid sims for that matter) i’m having trouble.

basically i tried to replicate efx’s setup shown in his R&D video:

and the tornado video:

but without good results.

basically what i do is create the temperature and fuel fields,

source them to pyro and then source a pump with the velocity field generated from the particle tornado.

but the flames don't go up as expected..

also tried sourcing fuel from the vortex volume itself and of course that was a mess :P

if anyone could enlight me on the way to swoop the flames in the tornado i would really appreciate it

maybe efx would be so kind to share some insights (or even an example file :D cause the shading on the video is pretty cool too) :D

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Very nice file! I'll have to spend some time picking it apart!

Just added a VDB from particles and I got a pretty sweet volume tornado.

On a side note, how come the shelves doesn't load? Can't find definition it seems. I'm on the latest 12.5 production build, was the file created in a previous version?

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For learning purposes I took the liberty to update the scene for H14 and the new pops - helped me to understand a little about point cloud workflow. Thanks to the original poster :)





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