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Gimpville Kontiki Breakdown


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Hi all.

Just wanted to share some of the work we did for the Norwegian movie Kon-Tiki.

All shots except the crowd was rendered with Mantra, so there is a lot of Houdini work involved.

We used HOT for all our cg oceans, and we wouldn't have any good ocean soulutions in Houdini without HOT.

So a big thanks to Drew Whitehouse for creating HOT!

All shots was made in H11 except two whale shots. These shots were done in H12 'cause we needed to do high-res flip-simulations around the whales as they break the ocean surface.

Also a big thanks to SideFX for creating a kick-ass software that solves every problem you throw at it ;)

Visual Effects by:

Gimpville AS

Studio Manager:

Torgeir Sanders

VFX Producer / Supervisor:

Lars Erik Hansen

On set VFX Supervisors:

Lars Erik Hansen

Torgeir Sanders

Christian Korhonen

Modelling / Sculpting / Texturing Artists:

Jan Svalland

Christer Bjørklund

Simon Dahle Nyhus

Andreas Lønø

Petter Burhol

Eryk Pajewski

Alexander Bjune

Previz Artists:

Alf Martin Løvvold

Kjetil Haalnd Kulander

Andreas Lønø

Match Moving:

Kjetil Haaland Kulander


Kjetil Haaland Kulander

Einar Rafoss Dunsæd

Atle Blakseth

Matte Painter:

Olve Askim

Grant Regan

Houdini Artists:

Christian Korhonen

Ole G. Eidsheim

Jan Svalland

Severin Mathiesen

Compositing Artists:

Jan Svalland

Severin Mathiesen

Heidi Dahle

Edited by Korhon
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Thanks all! :)

Pazuzu: The clouds is just lit with several spotlights with different softness/shadow intensity/ and color.

I think Serg made a post in the "pyroplastic noise demystified" thread that show a good scatter fake with 3 spotlights.

I used shadowmap for the plane shots since there where noe reason to trace it , but in the space sequence when i had to move the cam over huge distances i raytraced all clouds.

Should mention that the breakdown isnt based on the final grade, so colors may look a bit strange someplaces. The clouds looked much better after grade :)

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