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mantra surface material + udim tex

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is there an easy way, maybe a expression or sth, that lets the mantra surface material read uv tile (udim) textures instead of just one image per channel?

(instead of going to vop and set them up offsetted manually)

thanks in advance!


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I don't know of a standard way to do this in Houdini but since there's logic to the organization of the UDIM textures you could setup an OTL to handle this (take the path of one into Python and use regular expressions to find all the tiles). Maybe someone else knows of more intuitive way than building an OTL from scratch though.

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hey georg, thx, i am aware of that. i know how to set them up..

i just look if there is an easier way to feed a channel of a mantra surface with those, than going in to vop and setting up / offsetting them by hand.

something that feeds uvtiles, like one loaded image, to a channel ..

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