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Hello people!

I wanted to share a quick project I did during three weeks in order to get though the flip-pipe:


I modeled this little robot which I wanted to make a water simulation from. Then I saw Battleship and Pacific Rim... The poor robot got up-scaled by a factor of 30 and you can guess what happaned ;)

Sound FX was made by Rickard Forsbäck

Special thanks to Martin W and for all the tips.

Also David Vestin and Igor Zanic for the constructive critics in the early WIPs.

Maya - Robot modeling and animation

Houdini - used for the rest of all 3D-content. Rendered with Mantra(PBR)

Nuke - was used for the composition

it is 1080p

Let it load and enjoy!

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Thank you!

I used the built in to try it out.I will try something different next time as a comparison. something I did not have time to try and really wanted to was to replicate the points in render time.

I had to put the intensity a bit high to get some whiteness and the tiny scattering I obtained around the robot once the particles flew up. My env-light was a bit dark behind the camera so it looked like a purple mud in my first tests.

Yesir Mantra PBR all the way.

I am glad you liked it. I seriosly didn't think I would even dare to post it when I first started to sim :P

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very nice man! great flip showing in...

Thank you! I appreciate you like it.

I should maybe give this one a little more time and add a camera motion based on the ocean to add a feeling that it is on a boat. Also improve the ocean shader as well. Give it a bit foam and details

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Great look development on the different water parts, looks swanky.

Prob coulda blasted away more of the mesh in the air if its supposed to be going thru massive pressure, but thats just my2cents.

Thank you!

Just added swanky to my english dictionary.

Your 2 cents is a good deal and are completely right. The particle separation in this sim is around .28 because of it's size. So a single point seemed a bit big standing alone. So I tried to keep it together with a bit smoothing in the sim and compesate by creating a large amount of white water particles. It did not turn out the way I wanted to tho.

I am not completely sure about my robot animation either. comparing the gravity applied to the water, the robot seems to fall too fast. But I could make it look more realistic if

I manage to make the changes you suggested (blast up the mesh based on the pressure) and create a lot of other mist and droplets with a smaller pscale and white water particles.

In the near futere I believe the RAM in my workstation will be doubled up and I could probably add more resolution to all aspects of this simulation.

Thank you for the tips. I will take it into acount whenever I have time to go back to this one :)

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