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Diminutive name


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I have a question for you all and I would be really greatfull if somebody can help me with this.

I'm looking for an "diminutive name" for a "drifting ice".

I've looked through a number of dictionaries and couldn't find anything

besides what it is called. "Drifting ice".

As I understand, this term describes a flat, rather big, piece of ice the size

of at least couple of square feet. But I'm looking for a word that would describe

a piece, which would be at most, the size of couple of square inches.

In Russian, you can make up such word literally for every noun, with help of

"hypocoristic suffixes". Such name is an "term of endearment".

So, I was wandering if there is something like that in English?

Thank you!


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Thank you for your replies.

I'll try to explain what I'm looking for.

I need a short phrase to describe someone, (sorry for being

romantic) who dances on the "......" (here should be the word

I'm looking for). Someone light, delicate, elegant. Particularly,

It's about a person who is so good with words that his

speech makes you feel as if you would be witnessing him

perform a dance on these little pieces of ice floating around in a

water. Something like: "Dancing on the ice flakes"

I really like "ice flakes" but can you say it like that?

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This is english right? A language that adds new words faster than any other.

Make up your own word or steal a word and surround it with a new meaning. If you make up a word, follow it up with a paragraph describing it and there you go. You never know, it may make it in a dictionary in a few years.

I like Ice Flakes.

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i'm on the iceflakes barge.

i'd start a poll for you, but peons have to be careful not to build the wrong reputation... and a poetry poll would definitely be a fine how-do-you-do.

just a thought - would adjectives help?

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Wow! Couldn't imagine my post would arise such interest.

Moreover, I didn't even think there would be so many variations

to a description of a single thing.

Guess there's just as many ways as there are artists.

Options are good!

Wait a minute.

Why am I saying this to you?!

Who else, if not you guys, could know better the significanse of options?!


Hey! POPs actually could be read as "Poetry Operators" :lol:


Well, at the very least, "options" play a very big role in both, poetry

and particles.

All right. I should stop now.

Good night.

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