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AttibTransfer in UV space

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I don't quite get what you were trying to do, most of it makes no sense. Instead take the first frame of your tri-mesh, bring that to Zbrush or something and make it into quads. Then bring the tri-mesh animation and single frame quad-mesh into houdini, and cloth capture/cloth deform the quad to the tri. 


edit: Well I guess you could cloth capture the quad when they're both in the UV position. You would probably have to single out the different elements though since they are pretty close to each other. I did a quick test and it works to 90%, would probably work if you spent a bit more time on it.

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Zbrush's zremesher isn't suitable for games work unless used very carefully and very specifically, such as remeshing un-simulated cloth panels from Marvelous Designer. I would also have to re do uvs if I use Zremesher on simulated geometry. The basic workflow is quite easily achievable in Maya with it's attribute transfer, as it offers more ways to transfer attributes out of the box than Houdini does. However in Houdini a much slicker workflow could be achieved with a digital asset allowing me to come to an optimized topology solution quicker.


 Here's a little example of what I am doing in Maya, but would rather do in Houdini.


 I've got much more complex pieces of cloth I have to get ready for runtime and a smoother workflow that would allow for more intuitive iteration was the reason I reached for Houdini instead of just staying in Maya.


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There is some really good information here, amazing work guys! But how would you approach the following problem: uv-ing a  geo cache without UVs with non-constant point count (debris sim). I  timeshifted to the last frame, created the uvs... but then how should I transfer them to the animation? I have some ideas about procedurally deleting chunks from the timeshifted frame, so I can match its geo to the current frame animation  and apply a copy attribute SOP, but this seems to be very expensive to compute? :/ (and I dont know if it is going to work). Any workflow suggestions?


p.s. actually, it seems, its computing pretty fast, but there is still some kind of a discrepancy by point/prim/vertex count and the attribute copy sop is messing up the uvs... :/


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