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wow!...this section has been asleep for quite some while now....

ok everybody, time to jog those neurons, the name of the game is feathers...grab an object, stick feathers (or whatever) on it and make those react to the object's motion....

again...(too) many solutions possible (I'm thinking of one more as I'm writing this!! NUTS...gotta srop somewhere!)...if you decide to go with the animation I made, there is a quick-cheap-dirty-get-it-done way and there's a generalized, more robust way....

now would be good time to try to apply this to a pet project of yours (...er..you know which one...he he he...)

excuse the shoddy shading job, but we ARE focusing on dynamics here ;)


PS: is it me or are there quite a few old topics missing in here?!?


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A long while ago I was wondering about how to do this after seeing one of Jens Z.'s robotic leg thinggy from Sean Lewkiw's (??) site.


sniff... you remembered

Meanwhile, I can't remember how I did that....

I think I used bones, limited the minimum y value of the end effector, or something like that. Maybe I just used some expression... I think it was a hack...

Who knows... :blink:


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Can't believe you actually say that!  

well, believe it!....once you have as many "kids" as Jens does, you'll forget even what their name was!

anyhoo...my setup is kinda different from Jens's in that you need to manage a large number of primitives...I'd like to see you try with bones gnehehehe :D


looking forward to seeing some solutions!

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err....whatever happened to the "challenge fever?"...did it die out....or did this challenge subject suck? :huh:

Just a quick poll to see if anyone's interested in this challenge...

otherwise I have another one, quite different, just waiting to be posted....

talk to me people! :o

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err... :D

my bad...I should stick to less crazy stuff....like 5 min quickies...

I'sall right , challenges are all about trying not about getting it done (you usually get paid to do that)... wouldn't be fun if it was instantaneous magic, would it?

I just don't want to see it die out, because I found the fastest way to get into houdini was to give yourself somehting to do, versus learning it one "button and tile" at a time....and if you have the added incentive of healthy competition, what more can you ask for!

The results that are posted can trigger epiphanies and show you stuff that you never knew existed....hip files are highly personal...I believe that each different houdini artist works with a different "style", like in true art, I used to joke that, if you know the artist, you can tell who made the file just by looking inside

....you don't have that in any other package!


caught ranting again...

won't do it...

promise ;P

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Hey guys... I have been using houdini for less than a month but i will try to complete this chalenge... Love houdini but it takes a while to get used to... I am also using xsi and maya at the moment but the adjustment period wasn't as long as i expected it to be... Basically, just wanted to say that i will try and hi to everybody out there using houdini....

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  • 2 weeks later...

concider this:


[grid] - why a grid? I was working on something else ;)




size: up to you

rows: 1

columns: 2

pipe this into a [copy sop]'s *input 1*

second chain::

[sphere] - polygon

[point] - add normal

pipe this into the copy sop's *input 2*


[wave] - sine

[spring] - adjust to taste

[lag] - adjust to taste

[export] - chan1


net (whatever holds the point sop)


path - ny

add some randomness to your copied primitives and you are good to go. simple, to the point :P can make your own controls if you feel so inclined.

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kewl...that's really the strictest simplest most straight to the point approcah....


..why not...

extra kudos for a general approach (quite close, though...)

the one that would let you animate your object in any which way, and still have the attached geo behave! pretty close to your solution man!


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