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Learning DOPS, motors, constraints etc


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I don't know if this is useful to anyone else, but I often find that I need some simple shapes to run experiments on, but I never bother to apply consistent uv's. So I started a hip file which has some common shapes in it already uv'd.

They all retain a uv size where 1m equals 0-1 in uv space. You can easily then scale the uvs after if you want a different rez. 

There's also one in there that just takes a faceted model and splats consistent uvs on each facet.

Theres loads more I want to add, but I thought I'd just make a handful and see how useful I found them.

Heres where you can get the hip - http://richardlord.tumblr.com/post/172592883216/shape-library-i-needed-a-bunch-of-shapes-that-were


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I found this lying around on my hard drive and wanted to throw it up so it didn't get lost. Its a simple effect with VDBs cutting away a surface, then using those cut points to render concentric circles at render time. I've seen this effect before. This is my attempt at it. Hips can be got over here. Don't forget to re-render the ROPs that generate the point data for mantra. Otherwise you'll get a black surface at render time.


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Rich, just to let you know Tumblr puts a massive data sharing wall in your website and I would dare to suggest you move your stuff somewhere else. Many of us won't be signing to Tumblr due to the privacy concerns and massive data gathering for user profiling they do.

Anyway, just though you may want to know.


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On 20/02/2016 at 8:01 AM, rich_lord said:

I've done some more tests with motors. This time trying to create a bunch of them procedurally at once. Getting all the name attributes to line up was a little tricky on some of them, but I understand all this so much better after doing this.


Getting the axis of the motors to do what I want was also a bit tricky, but I've mostly cracked it now.


I've put all 5 hips that make up this video on my tumblr here - http://richardlord.tumblr.com/post/139634705771/hipfile-hipfile-hipfile-hipfile-hipfile. The sims will need to be re-rendered into the ROPs for you to see anything.


Thanks! Hope you enjoy!






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