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Creating farm submission tools


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I'm looking to set up a small render farm for houdini. I am starting from zero knowledge as to how I would get mantra, sim data and alembics onto a render farm spread through multiple blades. I have used ouput nodes in the past but this is the first time I will be making them from scratch. Even if someone knows how to do it from command line, I would be interested in any information anybody can give me regarding submitting jobs to a render farm. I know this is a super vague question but I can supply information where needed. 


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This has been asked before in several ways. Search around odForce, you'll find what you need.
I've done it before (with Deadline) and it's quite the learning experience. Prepare about 40-80 hours depending on your programming skills.

You'll be wanting to use a python ROP and whatever templates you can get from your farm program.

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I hate to sound ignorant, but what is Deadline? I've also looked on odforce however I'm finding a lot of the topics are too vague for me. Would you have any particular posts in mind I could jump off from to help me get started. If I have a base idea of what I'm looking for I'm sure I can progress from there.

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