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Found 19 results

  1. I want to print all the bgeo.sc used in the scene.Using Python. hou.fileReferences() doesn`t give me any bgeo.sc used in the scene. I am looking for a way. Can someone guide me?? Thanks Hiro
  2. 32GB Ram 3200mhz ryzen 5 1600 Hi again guys. Basically I have been struggling a lot with cacheing a simulation. I´ve tried .bgeo .sim and multiple resolutions on the pyro I would hate to keep lowering the res because of ram issues. I diseabled "Cache Simulation" and I still keep on feeling my Cache. I dont mind waiting days for the cache if necesary (it is a big simulation, probably 40 meters long I guess) and to be honest, I might not know in depth how to control pyros. Hopefully you can help me here
  3. Hey guys, I have a few questions regarding Caching elements using the BGEO format. Im wondering what the advantages or disadvantages are when using the bgeo.sc compression vs bgeo without compression. Are there other benefits to using sc, other than smaller file sizes? also are there disadvantages, such as it taking longer for playback because of the compression on larger files? Lastly are there advantages or disadvantages in using other compression formats like gz and others? Appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks, Jordan
  4. Hello! So this weekend I cached a FEM simulation and it went swimmingly--sort of. Okay, I didn't do a .sim cache, but a .bgeo.sc cache. The problem is that the file node I have set up in the project to read the cache doesn't read what was written--it keeps recooking all the finite elements, even though it is not hooked up to anything except for the cache directory. (I even tried switching the file cache node I used to write it to "load from disk," and it still wants to recook everything. I pulled the cache into an empty file and it loads beautifully, so I know it actually cached fine. The next step in the project is to pull it in and use it to deform the original hi-res geo. How can I tell the project to stop cooking and just read what it wrote? Thanks for any help, as always-- **Addendum** - creating a whole fresh new file read node worked fine. I guess at some point Houdini nodes get tired and forget where they are? At any rate, I would love to know what I clicked that made it so forgetful, so I know how to fix it when I screw up again. **Addendum to the Addendum** - the new file node worked fine, until I went out of that subnet and back in, and then it started doing the cooking again. So, still not fixed, and the file nodes are still forgetting themselves.
  5. I saw someone say"resume simulation from bgeo sequence is possible, Bgeo sequence store the necessary fields to resume.",how can I achieve this?Thank you very mush.
  6. Hey guys, Is there a way to directly import BGEO's into Maya? I've seen a plugin floating around the internet, but it's so out-of-date the newer versions of Maya won't accept it. I'd prefer to do this rather than re-export an already heavy BGEO file, which will take time...
  7. Hi guys I have a file node writing out a bgeo of a geometry, and I need the filename and path to be taken from a detail attribute. Is this possible? I have a detail attribute called filename, with the string that contains a path I selected earlier. Thanks.
  8. Hi! I have a strange issue. When I write many files at the same time, some of them breaks. It can be 200-300 files simultaneously size of about 10 Mb, or 70-80 files of 100 Mb - I have the same result: files exists, but 5-10% raise read error in Houdini. They have a normal size or less than normal on the storage. I tried this on the old storage and on the newest storage (with perfect access time, speed, caching etc) - the same result. Houdini 16 behaves just like Houdini 15.5. When I starting write this files, we have write errors on the storage from other software like Nuke or just write files from the OS. Another picture is not observed: when we write hundreds exrs from nuke - there is no file breaks on the storage. This occurs for many months, and I think the reason is in the method of writing files from Houdini. Is there a technology to change the method of writing geometry from Houdini (flags, variables)?
  9. This has been a big pain over the past year while using Houdini. While Mantra is amazing, I am still using 3ds Max and Vray as my main driver. I wanted to do a comparison in rendering (just because) and when I tried importing the alembic file, it crashes Max. So Ialso tried exporting the Alembic file and importing into Nuke...and it crashed that too. Something is going on when I export it that is confusing other applications and I have no clue what it is. I tried deleting attributes and the like, but still...crash. I setup a simple Houdini scene that just has the file import, a time shift to hold the mesh, and then an Alembic Output ROP. I know that you can't write Alembic files with the Apprentice Edition so hopefully some of you have the Indie version or above to export. However, whatever I did to my bgeo should be obvious to someone that knows what they are looking for. The most annoying part is I have other Houdini files that write out Alembic files fine; so it is just my fluid sim cache from hell wreaking havoc. Thanks! alembic_out.hipnc v001_fluidMesh.bgeo.sc
  10. Hello! I'm encountering a little problem with Pyro Fx. When I export a geo file from any fire, the attributes of heat, temperature and fuel look good in the viewport but when I render them, I get a particles cube. It seems that those attributes are not exported in my bgeo files (I tried with Vdb files and got the same result). Is it a bug or is there a step that I missed in the export? Thank you!
  11. Hi, Is it possible to convert a bgeo sequence of a fragmented geometry to an animation sequence? If possible, could any one share the workflow? Thanks, Manish
  12. Hi Guys, I am literally running out of space and I would like to ask you a question: During one of the workshop I followed, the tutor suggested to use the extension "bgeo.sc". I previously used "bgeo.gz". Does anybody know which one is the best and why? Cheers! Andrea
  13. I'm looking to set up a small render farm for houdini. I am starting from zero knowledge as to how I would get mantra, sim data and alembics onto a render farm spread through multiple blades. I have used ouput nodes in the past but this is the first time I will be making them from scratch. Even if someone knows how to do it from command line, I would be interested in any information anybody can give me regarding submitting jobs to a render farm. I know this is a super vague question but I can supply information where needed. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I recently simulated whitewater for my fluid sim. The fluid sim loads fine, but for some reason the whitewater sim gets an "unable to read file" error in the whitewater_import node, when I go into the node I can trace the error back to the "Read_back" Node which says it's unable to read the file. I even put the sim into another folder D:/home/Whitewater.$F.bgeo It still doesn't work I hope someone can help me, I've been trying to render this thing for a month now. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys... I've seen some FLIP tutorials and I see people don't use all the same way to export the simulations. I've noticed in H14 there is an output node with some options to export the .sim files but the majority of people I see they export the particles in SOPs to bgeos. What is the advantage of exporting bgeos and exporting sim... and what you think is the best way for a production pipeline. M.
  16. Dim


    Hey all So quick question. Has any body been able to convert bgeo to prt? I've seen a couple PrtRop Driver nodes floating on the net but unfortunetly I cant seem to find a version for my Build of Houdini. Running Version 13.0.376 far as I understand its a VC11 build and the PrtRops i've found are VC9 builds. Reason is I need to port particles to Max/Maya to render in Krakatoa,but need to make sure my Colour,Velocity and Position channels are intact. Does anyone know if there's a script or anything that can convert bgeo to prt and were can I get my hands on it. BTW I have no scripting knowledge Thanks guys
  17. Hi all, I'm a creative C++ coder playing with Houdini - pretty beginner but with some understanding of what's going on. I've cached a flip simulation as BGEO sequence, and I'm having trouble adding custom attributes to the points which are dependent on initial position of the point in respect to the initial shape. E.g. let's say I want to melt a teapot, and I want to to use different triangulation parameters for the body and the spout. I.e. I want to mark the spout as "bodypart"==1 and the body as "bodypart"==2 and create groups based on that. This I know how to do: 1. Load the teapot in a geo node. 2. Cookie the spout with a simple shape hilighting the spout area, do points from volume, attribcreate and assign 1 for bodypart 3. repeat for other parts etc. 4. create a flip fluid out of these points and solve it 5. cache the resulting simulation as a BGEO sequence 6. load the BGEO seq, and all of my points still have the custom attributes, and I can use those for meshing and various other visualisations. This works perfectly and does exactly what I need. However problem with this, is if I decide to add/change body parts, I need to re-run the flip solver which makes no sense since the bodypart attrib has no effect on the simulation. Doing this attrib create before the flipsolver makes sense for things like color and viscosity, but it doesn't make sense for attributes which don't affect the sim I think. what I would like to do is: 1. Load a mesh and select different parts of that mesh and assign only attributes which are essential to the flip solver (e.g. Cd, viscosity etc). 2. create a flip fluid out of these points and solve it 3. cache the resulting simulation as a BGEO sequence containing only attributes which are essential to the flip solver 4. load the BGEO seq, and assign new attributes, which I will use for meshing and various other visualisations. If I use the same method (i.e. volume intersections) on the BGEO sequence, it understandably applies the volume intersection every frame, and so the attributes are re-applied every frame to the points inside the volume, and don't move with the points. What I really need is something like "at frame 1, do the cookie and attrib creation, and then maintain those attributes throughout the BGEO sequence" but I can't figure out how to do that in Houdini. Any tips welcome! P.S. I have 'reduce' set to off in my flip solver.
  18. Hi I would want to approximately simulate around 200 frames of pyro sim. 1)I have my explosion simed to disk using a file dop for around 25 frames.There was a power problem and Now again if I want to simulate frames from frame 26. does this means I have to wait again till frame 25 to simulate frame 26 second question is as the simulation range increases towards 40 the bgeo file size is too much even with bgeo.gz compression.and for every frame after frame 40 it takes around 3 hours easily to write out the bgeo files. Is there a better way to optimize this.Almost for every sim I encounter the above two situations Would be great if someone could help me out.
  19. I wrote the bgeo file, but can't load, who can help me ? Thanks advanced! bgeo_test.zip
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