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Possible to build into new/clean dop network?


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Hey all. I want to separate my sims into different sections, using a different DOP network for each section. When I build a network using the RBD fracture shelf button etc it add the nodes into the first DOP network I created. Is there any ways to pre-emtpively tell Houdini to build into a new, clean DOPnet? Or do I need ot do it by hand every time?



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Maybe creating a dummy sim for the new one coming in to attach to. disconnect your last sim from the output DOP and plug in a null. Then do your next shelf action. But the behaviour may vary from auto setup tool to auto setup tool.

Or create a whole new dopnet from the brain icon with 'create new simulation'.

Is this separation for documention or aesthetics or debugging?

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Tamagochy: That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks!!

Kleer: Mostly for clarity in my own head. I have 3+ RBD sims that do not need to talk to each other, so for clarity (and sim speed?) I wanted to split them up.


Edit: I re-read your reply as well Kleer - The brain icon Also totally works, thanks again!

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Tried solutions from both replies
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