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Cloth sim for sails

Hans Peter

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Hey guys, 

I'm struggling with the fem solver. Basically I would like to create a realistic looking cloth sim for the sails of a ship. Unfortunately I just can't get it to look right. The wind force deforms the object like animated noise insteat of adding variable velocity. I fit01ed nearly every parameter on the wind force or uniform force but it keeps looking like jiggly gum, not like cloth floating in the air. Can anyone show me an easy example on how to achieve something like this? https://vimeo.com/136480165 [vimeo.com]

this is how my gum looks like: https://vimeo.com/197677800 [vimeo.com]


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So you think its again something with the FEM solver? In the houdini forums we had another problem where we just couldn't get a very simple effect with some curtains. Unfortunately I don't know maya at all but something like this just can't be that difficult to achieve with Houdini. Strange thing. 

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If you are familiar with Big O; then getting results with nCloth is logarithmic, whilst Houdini is currently quadratic. Not saying it can't be done but...


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FEM cloth is a work in progress; the theory is that it will be spectacular, interacting with all the solvers and using attributes etc  Best to check your source's examples IMO

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So in case you are interested in further playing with it here is the hip file. Seems like this is the propper way to add velocities to fem cloth in houdini. I'm already getting some waves propagating through the cloth and its behaving much more lose than with other forces. Basically I imported some custom vel field from sops. The tweaking of the noise mainly determines the shaües you get. But the probably most important thing is to reduce the strength of the tangent and and normal drag considerably. Still needs a lot of tweaking but it finally works. 



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Heraklit, Very cool scene to dissect!

If anyone has time for some questions:
- I tried to create a group for the attachment points to speed up the process of defining these after updating geo resolution.
1) a group node has no "select" or "update selection" option, I found no way to reactivate the content and so just made a new group node. How would you experienced users do this?
2) I first made the group node in the Sail item, then realized it  has to be in the DopNet. But cut/paste doesn't work from one to the other, and making a new one only gave me the option to create an item group. So, I would make a reference of the selection, right?

Sorry for very noob questions. Trying to feel out the mindset.


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