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Attribute Create> Unable to evaluate expression $NX, $NY, NZ

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Thanks, missed that memo...does @N.x now replace $NX ?

Anyways am following this tutorial, starting exactly at around 5:30(screenshot attached).  The only way I can make the error go away is if I enable the Add SOP and change my class from Point to Vertex in attribute create, which has me puzzled since in my Geo Spreadsheet if I enable Vertices I see nothing in my spreadsheet. Missing something very fundamental! I think the error may be happening 'upstream' in my Point VOP and I'm not correctly generating normals since if I select the Transform SOP and the Attributes drop down, I see nothing though in the tutorial there are both Point and Normal attributes.


I've attached my .hip in progress...if anyone could have a look and tell me wtf I am doing wrong would be GREATLY appreciated!







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well it seems to be a bug, but when I create a new attribcreate with @N.x, @N.y and @N.z it works... try delete your node and create a new one. If the error is still there, well, just put it in a point wrangle as Yon said : v@dir = @N;

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not bug...you just need eagle eyes...

look at next to the gear icon...it's got 'funny' colors....

click on it and change it back (from python) to Hscript

Now $NX/Y/Z will work

(if you already have something in the fields and after you've changed it back to hscript and still didn't work...just 'delete' all channels and retype in $NX/Y/Z)

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