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RDB after deforming


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 According to the plan, after the upper panel has melted, it must fall under the action of gravitational forces, but it does not come through, because the object remains unified, how do I subject the object to the force of gravity force  after deformation?:huh:

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After melting add name to pieces and send to sim. Solver should know what difference between this tow parts to simulate.

Or make prefracture, add clusters, sim it and then drive melting geo by simmed pieces...

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Hey @tamagochy Awesome! But how can we update the name inside the solver?

I added an assemble in sops, it updates the names but I guess it's not updating inside dops.

I put a simplier scene attached so other people can test it faster ;)


EDIT: I forgot to check Use Deforming Object on the other file, i've just updated it. 
EDIT 2: I was using a concave collision, just updated to convex and also added a sop solver to update the name but it's still not working.




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