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Nvidia Flex implementation

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I´m excited about Nvidia Flex. I´ve seen the Implementation of Pedro Cabrera and wonder how to do the same thing in Houdini.

What would be a good starting point to do so? I know some Python and Vex. This would be a fun project to learn more. Is someone with me? Maybe we can figure it out together :)



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Flex doesn't give you anything more than what you already have in Houdini with Grains on OpenCL. It's only as fast as your updates of simulation - which usually involve CPU (meshes, volumes) in real scenario. It's good for games I suppose (specially that they support AMD and Intel finally), but in FX you will quickly get back to realm of ordinary people using DOPs with total control and directibility. 

Saying that, I have to admit that having even basic hair simulation working in SOPs in realtime while animating rigged character is super fun to watch. You can check my messy github account for wire solver in Flex. But it useless in current state (I have slightly better implementation, but can't share it, sorry, and it isn't very practical anyway). 

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ok that video was really fun to watch.

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