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War Of The Worlds

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never seen a story with so many holes in it, i felt david koepp was under speilbergs thumb and i the out of the whole movie, the first 20 minutes was amazing. It may follow the book in terms of the ending, but it was poorly executed.

Americana movie making though.

But i only spielberg, with his relationship with ILM could have pulled off those VFX in 3 months. Only a director with a close house can do the sorts of things they did.

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I love the John Wayne musical..

"And the heat ray rang out once more.... OOOLLAAA!! OOOLLAAA!!"



Heh, have you ever seen the Brooklyn Community Theater production of "Da Wor uv Da Woilds"? I can't remember much about it except Tony Danza and Dana Carvey running around screaming, "Oh... mah... god! Dem funkin' aleeuns got funkin' ray guns!'

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