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How could I unpin points in vellum, from target animation?


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There is a tutorial (by Peter Quint:  https://vimeo.com/165759524) about peeling effect using cloth...

I would like to make same thing using Vellum Cloth. The problem is I don't know how to unpin geometry points from target animation during frames.

(Here I attached my files)


I would appreciate any ideas.





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3 hours ago, Mohanpugaz said:

It works great, but im not getting why should we need to update the mass. If not updating mass pin is not working.

you don't have to use mass to determine what's pinned

you can also use i@stopped attribute, which has advantage of keeping the original mass value once unpinned (stopped==0)

also you can use explicit constraints (soft) as pins, which may be preferred method 


all of these methods are part of Vellum Constraints/Pin To Target, so no need to create them manually

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