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CloseUp, HiRes Pyro/Smoke renders

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i am currently working on some fairly close up, hires smoke/density simulations (4k/8k) and am struggling a little with definition / voxel count. I am fairly inexperienced when it comes to this type of resolution, and am wondering what is to be expected in terms of voxel count. atm my volumes look a little blurry, but upping the voxels isnt making a huge difference in terms of resolution. Should i be expecting to be working with huge numbers of voxels when the resolution increases, especially when i have to go up to 8k? Or shouldn't any of this matter and my sim just looks rubbish ;)

im currently hitting 42m voxels on a div size of 0.009 (my sim scale is smallish), with a smoke object box size of 17,2,1

Any info/advice/past life experiences on this subject much appreciated!



*Its worth noting i am rendering these with redshift, and dont have access to volume sampling / restdata etc... i wish mantra was faster for these tight turnaround jobs

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42million seems a little low, for final quality, especially for up close camera work. Try getting your voxel count into the 65-165 million range. (physical memory is a factor, here)

I use an estimator expression on my pyro object, just create a new blank float and paste the expression into the field. This expression reviews your box size and particle separation to generate the approximation value.

Here is the expression I use.


NOTE: The result is in scientific notation. So when you see +06 on the end that means millions, +07 means 10 million and +08 means 100 million.

The final value shown here 4.28345e+07 is ~42million voxels.


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If you're going for wispy smoke (like cigarette smoke) then advect many particles through the simulation and render those. The solver isn't good at retaining details for wispy smoke. If you search the forum there are a couple of examples for doing this. If you're not going for wispy smoke maybe you can share what look you're trying to obtain?

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Thanks both for your suggestions. After rendering the detail doesnt seem to be as much as problem as i first thought it would be. Staring at stills all day doesnt help, watching it in motion changed my perspective a lot!

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