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COPs - Creating border displacement of each uv island

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Hey guys, I never went into COPs, but I saw a talk of Simon Homeldal, and get inspired.

So, in this talk, he's doing some manhattan noise and use as displacement, he also does some operations to get mirrored effects and masking/sharping stuff.








My main goal is to, for example if I have a triangle UV island, how can I select the border, extrude inwards to create that border, add some detail (ie substracting manhattan noise) and use that as displacement?

Any good tutorial or read on COPs will be useful, did some research but there is not much information on that subject.

If anybody want to see the talk (amazing one) here's the link:



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cccc @caskal  Budy Dude Golden tech ...:wub:   Explore old file from 2012 ..Don't no who posted ... just use those vopsh...  like Simon did ...experimental fun..Cop same princip


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