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imported geometry pivot

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I imported a geo into Houdini from Maya.
I want to rotate it around its pivot, but the transform node doesn't respect the imported geo's pivot.It sets it to the origin.
is there any thing I can do so Houdini uses the original imported pivot for transformation?

thank you

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What format are you exporting?

Because that depends a bit on how you could do it.


But you could also just position the object in maya so the pivot sits at the origin.

Or if the desired pivot you want to have is the object center you can press "Move Centroid to origin" on the xform sop in Houdini.

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thank you Adrian!

the thing is I need Its pivot exactly where It is in Maya, so I can rotate it around.

the pictures shows what it looks like in Houdini.

(obj and FBX in houdini)




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just blast the lower polygon and put transform node under it with expressions sepu mentioned.

or you can blast that polygon put null at the end with name OUT_whatever(just to keep it organized)

and then on transform node that is just under your geo put expression in pivot position

centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_X)

centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_Y) 

centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_Z)

for XYZ accordingly


All done in geo level

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thank you

but, It is not what I want.

I don't want to move the pivot to centroids of the entire object or any primitives. I need the exact pivot position of the object shown in the picture.


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I'm not sure about you problem as FBX import usually give the correct pivot.
I try it (from an older version of maya), and I get the correct pivot.
See the attached file. The pivot of pCube1 is on the top left corner.

Normally you should see at the bottom of the geometry transform tab, the pivot offset parameters.
These settings are not normally usually visible, they are added when importing FBX. But you can access it or add them from "Edit parameter interface".
I also added a box, where I added the rotate offset (but in the transform tab to make it more visible), and move the pivot to the left side.

If you want to use these "not centered" pivots at the sop level you have to use several transform node to recreate the transformation sequence.

hope this helps

Box pivot.zip

Box pivot.JPG

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