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Fractal Flame


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11 minutes ago, Librarian said:

Moscwichak :wub: Nice ..
Share something just (S of something) ..just to play and Have Fun .


Fractal Flames.hipnc

yeah, thanks! had a look into this some time ago, but it is incorrect implementation. algorithm quickly diverges, loosing all aesthetics


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Its something to have Fun ...:wub:
And here its codes for Peoples to have Fun in more Aesthetic Way


Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department

Digital Production Arts


Tessendorf, Jerry

Committee Member

Geist, Robert

Committee Member

House, Donald


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Hello, great work!

Seem it is the FLAM fever again as so many people recently implementing it! ;)

I just finished an implementation of The Fractal Flame Algorithm too! Not sure how you did yours but I did mine entirely in CVEX.

If anyone is curious you can check the results and download the tool here: FLAM3 for SideFX Houdini

Its free and the HDA is unlocked so you can extend it if you like. ( the CVEX code is pre compiled tho because it was so much code that was the only way to keep it manageable )

The 3D version of the variations ar what they are, some work better than other and some are really hard to port into 3D so the 3D option is really there just for fun

but consider it a 2D tool and you should use it that way.




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not sure you have followed the development but FLAM3 for Houdini ( The fractal Flame Algorithm ) is completed, and the source code ( CVEX ) is now on GitHub. Its a one to one match with Apophysis and others, minus some features like "Xaos" and "linked transforms" mostly due to execution speed so I opted not to implement them for now to keep it as fresh as possible. ( it is CVEX after all so still impressive it run this fast all considered ! )

Hope it will be of interest and useful to some one. More images, links and download on its website: https://alexnardini.net/flame-home/















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