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VEX infection


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4 hours ago, Follyx said:

The solver wont work as I want to. Where is my mistake?

since the file seems to work and your "infection" spreads from start point within the painted shape I'd consider it working

if it doesn't work as you want it to maybe it will help if you describe how you actually want it to work

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it's because mountain doesn't work on a set of points.

try this simple test, Grid, mountain, works perfectly fine.

Now scatter points on the grid and feed that into same mountain....mountain refuses to work.

here's one way to get around it, 'surface' it first with tri2D..then add to convert them all back to points....I'm just guessing at what you really want...dunno.


EDIT: I think in my groupexpression @Cd.r>0, use @Cd.r>0.1...it's more accurate I think.

And I'm not too savvy on the actual infection algo...if your question is more about this rather than the mountain, then I really don't know.

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32 minutes ago, anim said:

ah, it was about the mountain node, in that case just add Normal SOP in Point mode before Scatter SOP

so that your points have N attribute that Mountain can use 

oh....is that all...never knew that.


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