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Hair simulation grass helicopter landing


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Hello guys,

I am trying to recreate a helicopter landing scene on grass.


I am new to Houdini and I was trying to use hair and a radial force to create the effect but not really having much good results.


Could someone give me some tips on how to achieve the result?




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30 minutes ago, Noobini said:

I wasn't sure if I'm on the same page with you with the effect, hence I just posted the giphy...if you want my RnD file, just yell. I'm not precious about uploading my files.

I mean that would be much appriciated since I am on a learning curve looking a experienced people files would definitely help :)

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here you are:

- if you're not into crop circles...then simply disable plasticity in vellumhair

- dive inside vellum solver, I've added the popaxisforce which gives you torus shape, I haven't played with it too much, it's there for you to experiment with just enable it, prolly wise to disable the popfan.

(chuck my HDA into C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 18.0.xxx\houdini\otls)



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I've been doing some test with the whole helo landing and stuff but now would be nice to have a sort of concentric force expanding from the position of the helo.


A sort of "ripple" in loop


Beeing trying with pop forces but failing

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