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UVs on copy sop geo?

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Hey magicians,

I'm building a procedural house wich I want some UVs, walls are based on copy to point cubes, I'm having issues to have all the cubes in 1 UV, will post some refs to explain:


I tried playing with fuse to merge the boxes, using the autouv on the box before copying, after copying, also tried to make a vdb convert, UVs and transfer back with no luck

Any thoughts on how I can get a general UV layout from these boxes? 


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Applied a voxel mesh and autouv wich kinda works, uv size is big so it doesnt keep detail, but at least is working.



Just got an idea from the latest help from @anim , I will try to group the geo walls, add a udim value, and make uvs in udims from there, not sure if will work but lets see


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