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Fuse edge to generate center line


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Hi guys,

does anyone know if in Houdini is an option to fuse points in poly extrude to generate center line as I show in the gif below? Or how could we generate a center line in such a geometry?

I need to do it to generate neon light in the center of the letter.






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The problem is called Straight Skeleton. It is a well studied comptl geo problem. There is a robust implementation in CGAL, but it's most likely not an acceptable answer.

It's a hard problem that you can't just solve with a few chained SOPs sadly.

The closest you will have in Houdini is this: do a polyexpand SOP with those parameters: Output: Offset Surfaces

Offset: some large number greater that the dimensions of your object.

After that, finding the actual straight skeleton is not trivial either, because it is not a curve, but a tree. It does not exist as an object in Houdini.

You can have a look at the vertex attribute EdgeDist, in some cases it may help to delete some points to help you build the skeleton.


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