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Found 5 results

  1. I know about Cache Manager (Shift+Alt+M), but I am looking for a way to clear memory DURING cooking. Otherwise definition will crash. I tried rewriting fuse SOP in VEX, but with the same problem: int points[]=pcfind(0,"P",@P,0.0000001,200); pop(points,0); foreach(int i; points){ removepoint(0,i); }
  2. Hello, could someone explain to me what this parameter does exactly? What is being sampled for tolerance?
  3. Hello : ) I have a particle simulation with particles that die fairly quickly. I used a time blend then trail sop to replicate the particles. The problem is that the particles start to overlap once they start dying, as seen in the photo. This causes a problem later on in the pipeline for me. So I use a fuse sop to try to consolidate all the points occupying the same position into one particle. For some reason, I cannot get the fuse sop to work on these points. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Does fuse not work if the points are not connected? thanks in advance. points.hip
  4. Hi, I have some issues with the FUSE before SUBDIVIDE sop and I think it might be a bug. Its realy simple... -> Platonic Soccerball -> create Unique Points -> assemble name attr. -> (foreachSubnet.-..Extrude) -> Fuse -> subdivide. After that it just doesnt seems to work probably. see example: soccerball tst.hip
  5. Right angle curve

    Good day, I'm looking for a simple way to convert a line or a curve in a curve composed only with right angle edges. I have try to use Fuse SOP in Snap/Grid mode but this gave me 45 degrees angle too. Any idea?