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Found 25 results

  1. Hi guys, How can I create a group of edges by range same as the "Group By Range" SOP, (I mean procedurally) : for example 1 edge every 3 edges? Thanks for helping.
  2. Hi, Is there any way to create a different group for each edge loop I have selected so I can later make a name tag out of each loop and run a for each loop operation per loop? In this case I am creating my loops via a SOP groupfindpath, but that is not that important here, any way to create one group per loop would be super helpful. Thanks!
  3. Hey magicians, I'm watching a presentation by master Akira Saito where he uses: 1) a sphere 2) mountain noise 3) vdb 4) remesh 5) clip and mirror but cant figure out how he delete edges and flatten (he uses his own tool) Here's the part of the presentation: Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I would like to select only concave edges (green edges on picture). Let's say I have a cube, with a small extrusion on one face. I know I can select edges by angle, but it selects concave AND convex edges. Any idea how to do it procedurally? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, does anyone know if in Houdini is an option to fuse points in poly extrude to generate center line as I show in the gif below? Or how could we generate a center line in such a geometry? I need to do it to generate neon light in the center of the letter.
  6. Hey magicians, im wraping my head trying to figure out how to add pipes in these walls, made an image to ilustrate my idea: Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hi. Now I trying make geometry optimizer for fracturing for rbd sim, making "Solid" geometry from background models which often have bad topology. So I must find "Cracked Edge", two Primitives appear to be connected by single line, but the number of Points on Edge belonging to one of the Primitives is insufficient.This looks like Shared Edge, but it is actually Unshared Edge so specifically break PolyExtrude SOP. This Edge can be fixed by Union Boolean SOP, but my asset may import bad surface geometry which has many problem about Boolean SOP so I don't want use it as possible. How can we detect this? GeometryOptimize.zip
  8. I cannot stop looking at this effect and I know they sell it as an asset but rather then buying an asset I would like to understand and learn how to build it from scratch min: 6:18 Does anybody have any great ideas or links to guide me from here or perhaps has a setup I could look into? I would love to experiment with this one. Thanks for your help.
  9. Been searching for a while and I can't figure out how to split a selection of edges. For example, lets say you have a sphere, and you double click the equator edge loop to select it. What node splits that edge selection into two edges, so that you can now “select 3d connected geometry” on either newly created hemisphere? in 3ds Max it would be an edit poly > split (on edge sub object selection) Thanks! Adam
  10. I'm beginning my switch to houdini from maya, a simple question, in maya we can select two or more edges and the choose to connect them with 1 or mor cuts, is there a way in Houdini to do the same thing ?
  11. Hi Guys I have a problem with redshift for Houdini. I've got some triangular geo from marvelous designer. There is a simple uv shader and a bump map - no displacement. I get this tiny white edge at seemingly random places. I've tried adding normals, tried subdividing, tried playing around with the redshift tag, but nothing works. any ideas? best Matias
  12. Hello houdini people, Im relatively new to the houdini scene coming from traditional modelling background so go easy on me! I came across a webinar from 2016 with Mike Lyndon in which he talks very briefly about applying a secondary frracture to already fractured pieces around their edges. I've attempted this with what very little skills and understanding i have in the software to this point but just can not seem to figure out how to contrain the secondary fracture to just the outer edges of each piece. I figured an approach would be to bevel the pieces and create a new group for this beveled area and apply the secondary fracture to only this group however i am not getting the desired results. I've attached a file with the approach i took and how far i got Any suggestions on achieving the effect would be much appreciated! Cheers guys and girls! Edge Fracturing.hip
  13. benne5

    Edge Crumble

    Has anyone figured out how to do the edge crumble technique discussed at https://vimeo.com/193820978 timestamp 34:15? I have the beginnings of a file here. But not sure how to get complete it. edge_crumble_question.hip
  14. Why is the roundededge node so buggy? I want to use the node as alpha in a layermix node. When i do so, i always get a message the my pc is running out of memory (i have 128gb ram). Somebody any solutions? kind regards
  15. Hello community, I'm trying to select (end-unroll) only the edges of a voronoi, is this possible? I tried with a divide sop (remove shared edges) with no luck, what I want is get the borders only of the voronoi coloured pieces, not the quads that are inside each piece, in other terms clean the mesh and have only the voronoi divisions and unroll them. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys i have an group of edges , i want to make another group and add just one of those edge from first group to it . is there any trick for doing this ? thanks
  17. Hello, I would like to subdivise my object but I don't know How to do it properly (cf. screenshot). I've joined my really simple mesh (divideEdge.bgeo.sc). Thank you Julien divideEdge.bgeo.sc
  18. Hi to all, i was preparing my source for a pyro simulation and i incurred in a weird artifact As you can see in the images i uploaded in the edge of the geo there is this weird blur, the problem is that even if i turn up the density or the division size i get this, it occours also in the pyro sims making everything look srange It couldn't be neither my video card drivers or houdini, i already tried reinstalling it without obtaining anything Any advice? I leave you the scene file Thanks in advance Volume_Vis_Problem.hipnc
  19. Hey guys, I'm trying to add detail to some ripped paper mesh. This is the kind of detail i'm trying to achieve: I almost achieved it using this workflow: EDIT: THIS WORKFLOW DOESN'T WORK AT ALL (it sucks btw ) 1 - Give the paper (grid) a little thickness using a PolyExtrude 2 - Get the PolyExtrude's Side Group and apply a new PolyExtrude on it 3 - Get the new PolyExtrude's Front Group and add displacement on it (usign attribute vop) This would totally work if the paper kept it's thickness. Here's what I need: http://imgur.com/kbonbMT and here's what happens: http://imgur.com/grzS4FT I'd really apreciate if you guys have a better idea on how to proceed, even with a totally different workflow File is attached in case someone would like to have a look Thank you, Alvaro paper boards v1a.rar
  20. Hey guys, I'm ripping a mesh using the Granular Sheet method but i'm getting these popping holes around the ripped part. If I use a group + unshared edges i'm able to select all the holes + ripped part. Does anyone knows a way to select only the holes with an n amount of sides? Let's say, holes with less than 8 sides only I would really appreciate any other ideas on how to get rid of the holes. Thank's Alvaro granular sheet - ripping it - Skybar - cap holes.rar
  21. Is there any ways to insert multiple edge loops? As in, REDO the instrument many times. I'm a professional 3d modeller in Maya, and it drives me CRAZY that I have to ALWAYS MANUALLY assign a whole node to such a trivial and self-repeating task. Right now, my pipeline is this: Create PolySplit node(afterwards "Q" to repeat), change mode to "edge loop" -> insert the node into my NodeNetwork -> make edge loop. REALLY. I have to insert like 40-50 UNIQUE edge loops on a piece of a model, and it seems like HELL right now. There is a tool in the "Polygon" shelf in the top, that says "Edge Loop", but when I activate it, it always branches out a different rout in my NodeNetwork, making the whole "procedural" thing a mess. ALSO, Is there a way to see the Smooth(Subdivided) preview of what you are modelling, while you model it. Like, insert edge loops on to a smoothed version of the model, and see the changes on the fly. Please help!
  22. This gotta be a bug, right? After troubleshooting it, I just can't imagine what I can have missed that would mess it up. So it's probably something I missed. procedural.web.v02.issue.hip EDIT: Seems the dev's added a convert line SOP in H15 that splits a curve/edge into separate prim's - but I would still like to know why the carve SOP doesn't work in this case.
  23. hello guys! I have some issue.. I want make flames from fire a bit sharped than in attached picture. I make experiments but can't achieve my goal. I decrease div size about 0.04 set sharpening to 2 I was try to use different render engines, increase sampling and etc. but this not help me to solve. How I can make more sharped result around edges, on sim level or on shading level? Tnx forward guys!
  24. Hi, I am facing a weird issue when i am trying to comp my z depth from file rendered from Houdini in Nuke. I am getting weird red edges even if its not in focus that blurs it. Also blur is so weird. I know for sure its not the problem of Nuke because z defocus node is working well with another exr I downloaded over internet. I don't know what I am missing. Any pointer will be very helpful. Thanks
  25. Hi guys! I want to align instances (scaled boxes in this exaple) in a way that they follow the orientation of the edges of the template geometry. I have defined the "rot" and "orient" point parameters needed by the copy sop but something goes wrong with edgeflow vectors that I get from the Polyframe node (pic1). And this causes the irregularity you see at pics 2 and 3. Is there way to fix this somehow? Or maybe an alternative way to obtain the edgeflow vectors? Thanks! Instances Aligned to edge flow 2.hipnc
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