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FREE Patreon giveaway!

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Pragmatic VEX: Volume 1, I am giving away 1 month of FREE patreon subscription for the new purchases of the course in this month.


Started in 2017, I posted over 120 advanced production tools, tips, tricks and techniques with a lot more to come at 3 posts per month!

Simply contact me after and I will arrange the patreon subscription!

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Pragmatic VEX: Volume 1 has been updated to ever changing Houdini. In that sense the course is very much alive, always keeping up with the latest changes in the software so you can be assured that you learning the most up to date methods and workflows in a production environment.

All existing users receive the updates immediately as soon as they are pushed. The included HDAs are also updated in sync with the material.

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KineFX driven Face Peeling FX presentation at Gamescom Asia 2022 (Singapore) is up on SideFX Houdini vimeo channel:

There is a sneak peek of Pragmatic VEX: Volume 2 where I showcase the new Poly Carve SOP, one of the major chapters in the upcoming VEX course.

I also talk a bit about my own UX design in Houdini based on the inquiry by Fianna :)

Huge thanks to SideFX for letting me present on their platform B)

Hope you find it useful!

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Houdini is being used to create the new concept videos that explains the theory behind complex topics in illustrative style instead of using Photoshop. It takes a lot of time to create these low level tools in Houdini that mimics a 2d presentation style but the benefits far weigh the efforts spent.

It creates better consistency, higher quality of presentations, opens a lot more doors for getting ideas across, i.e. having animated presentations that wouldn't be possible using standard painting apps. This alone makes it possible to explain a lot more in less screen space since everything is live Houdini geometry.

These low level tools still need a lot of work before I can fully utilize them but here is a sneak peak from Pragmatic VEX: Volume 2 concepts (WIP, color theme pending changes):


It's highly likely all the concept chapters of Pragmatic VEX: Volume 1 will be recreated using the same Houdini tools sometime in the future once the tools are finalized.

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