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Hi guys!

Did anyone understand how does the cryptomatte works with redshift?

Until now, I found how to make it work with materials, with different obj... but i would love to know if its posible to make it work with an attribute for example, or groups.

For example, if I drop a copy to points with spheres, how would you guys give a different crypto id for each sphere? I dont mind if its either groups or attribute, but its been a 1 year fight and i coudlnt never make it work.

I attach this example just in case there is a genius around with a good workaround about this subject!

Thanks you very much!


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Yeah, i watched that several times, in maya is quite straight forward because all the objects are "separate", but in houdini, when you do for example a copy to points, all the spheres are considered the same object, so the crypto doesnt make a proper id per sphere.

That's why i opened this thread, crypto is super straight forward in all softwares but here, i would love to have a crypto for each different parts of a car for example, not having to assing a different shader or split it in different geometries at obj level.


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I was searching redshift forum regarding another cryptomatte related issue (namely gargantuan increase in render time when outputting cryptomatte which seems to be another insurmountable problem for redshift devs) when I stumbled upon someone being very angry when learning that is not possible at all. What he wanted was partitioning by primitive attribute such as @name.

While extremely useful and fast to set up cryptomatte is pretty much useless as it is in redshift. I reverted to using puzzle mates; it's a ballache but at least it won't take a millennia to render.

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I'm having issues with cryptomatte with Redshift, both in Houdini and Maya. I think there might be a bug with the current version of Redshift and Cryptomattes.

We are in the middle of production so upgrading Redshift is out of the question.

I'm going to try Mantra to render out a cryptomatte pass.


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Thanks Librarian, ok I foound that there is a reported bug with RS 3.0.30 which causes all other AOVs to be blacked out when Cryptomatted is enabled.

I have updated to latesr RS which is 3.0.50 and Houdini 18.5.596.

So far so good, but getting an error about OCIO profile not loading and failing the render.

Will do some more digging around.

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