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hammer flip tank hammer smash flip tank I'm trying this sim with a person walking instead of the hammer guy, but because of my specs, nvdia 940MX, i5 8th gen, it's next to impossible. So I am searching ways to do it with a low res still achieving the ripples and smashes. Also, how can I make only the legs as a deforming body? I imported fbx animation. and selecting the leg geo and clicking the shell deforming body is what I am doing. Therefore only the selected mesh is moving and the rest is staying in the initial place.


I just want to achieve this sim by hook or crook. Please don't tell me to up my specs. Obviously, I can't achieve ditto but If you have any idea how I can achieve this with low specs and still not miss out on the core of the sim I would be really glad. and please do tell how to make only certain parts of an fbx animation geo as a collision object.

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Maybe you could mix Ocean Layers and a thin, sparse Flip sim layer for the splashes. There is a masterclass showing this off here (around 1h 53m).

The "guided ocean layers" shelf tool could help testing what can be achieved that way with your specs. Will have to be a pretty sparse flip sim though. If its just about splashes maybe POP fluids might be sufficient, they also use way less ram than flip iirc.

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