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Epic Games Invests in SideFX

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This is the first step to forging Alliances.
It may be a way to avoid falling, in the future and in case of a hard blow, into the lap of autodesk or adobe.

My two cents opinion

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Afaiu it's more of a kind of a grant money. SideFX might have a big impact on Unreal's landscape, but it's too small to make it happen soon while keeping FX in its focus. It's like Unreal saying: Hey, we like what you're doing, could you make those things faster? SideFX: We don't have enough resources to allocate more of it in games. Then Unreal on that: No problem, we're actually struggling with financial over-liquidity. Can we invest in you some? Cloud gaming and Houdini, endless landscapes, procedural assets streaming on demand, oh my...

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Yea i am weary of any investment into SESI or any company that i enjoy using their products. 

This arrangement though looks like a more symbiotic relationship. Neither party is dependant on each other and it isn't based off sales. I think it is going to be a great partnership. 


First things first.... nice exporter for Houdini hair into Unreal. They bought out Shave and a Haircut to get rid of that stupid patent by Joe Alter so they could invest in yeti but yeti is no match for Houdini's grooming tools... among loads of other things. 

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