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FLIP Inverted Deforming Collision Object Problem


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Hi everyone,

I have a simple sample scene here, having problem with the flip collisions.

- I have a basic deforming sphere geometry that has a colliding liquid which works fine.

-Problem part it i also have some liquid pouring on top of that deforming geometry (needs to collide the outer side of the sphere) but seem like there is a square bounding box  around the collision (due to negative sdf) geo which gives me unproper collision outside.

How can i have correct collisions for both inside and outside of the deforming mesh? thanks.




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2 hours ago, dleonhardt said:

As long as you don't need both liquids to interact with each other, it's probably easier to just do two separate simulations. One with the inverted SDF and one without.

This is just the sample file/scenario so on the actual scene i have to simulate them together unfortunetely so need to know if it is possible in Houdini, thanks for the reply anyways Dennis.

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