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generate to fill up wire curves in tube meshes


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Hi, I am looking for a smart method to fill up bunch of curves/wires inside of tube meshes. Tubes are imported from Maya/blender/3dmax. So far, I am using findshortestPath to fill up wire curves. However, because of using the findshortestPath. it creates bias and curves cannot fill outside bending area. Wires/curve don't need to be super straight from start to end, but no branch. And this tube exists couples, so looking for procedural way as much as possible. 


If anyone knows smart and better to generate wires procedurally, it would be great. Thanks! 




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Thanks for replies, AtomicPerception and Matt

Difficulties are that the asset(tubes) is provided. Then I cannot start from a curve SOP to build own tube shapes. Additionally, when using polyFrame SOP, it seems to not get same clean direction of tangent, either. 

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Hey Tagosaku !

What I would do is to first convert that tube into a polyline, extracting the pscale and the Normal as well.
Then, I'd copy circles to these points to create the cross-sections, scatter points on these cross-sections, and finally connect them.

Like so

Hope that helps !


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hi, Alain

This is a very elegant idea to generate curves. Thank you so much!!  I know this requires a clean topology unlike a remeshed polygon, but still great!! This is because we could use for an imported tree to generate a center spline and apply for wire deformer. I have been looking for this technique!!  

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You're right, this requires a clean tube (with the ends uncapped, and constant point number in the rows)

If your geometry isn't as clean as that (like you said, remeshed), then you could maybe use the Labs Straight Skeleton to generate the curve

It would be a bit harder to generate the pscale and Normal though, but not impossible


Glad you like it though !

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Here's one other option for your wrangle with 4 lines only

You could add change last line to v@P += offset*ch("mult")*chramp("with",@curveu);  if you want to the curve off to spread according to the initial radious width variation of your curve... then detangle



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