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Split Curve Trail decay


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I'm tried a bunch of ways to replicate this effect and even after reading his process 100 times and I still can't work out how to do it. The principles make sense, the implementation is where I'm struggling. Does anyone fancy a pass at it? Specifically: 02. TREAT AS PARTICLES





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here is an example doing the split and shrink part by an array input. The base method is using a clip node in the background. The array represent the u-parameters on curve (which should be sorted ideally). If you want to use particles along the curve, you can probably capture them using xyzdist() and take the uv.x value to create an array. Haven't tried this yet but it should work.


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I'm sorry my explanation in the page wasn't enough, I just couldn't imagine someone actually try to implement this...
Those texts were there just to share some concepts.

My original piece was made with bunch of custom VEX of bezier manipulations (which is ugly),
but here I made a simple one for "02. TREAT AS PARTICLES". Hope this helps.


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