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How to detect/ID particles colliding with static object in FLIP simulation?


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Hi all - basic FLIP question around detecting particles that collide.

I have a simple setup (see screenshot) and I need to detect and group particles that collide with the static object in order to assign a new Cd to these collision particles - hopefully determined by either a ramp OR a texture color from the collision geo.

I'm having trouble finding good references for detecting colliding particles in a flip tank / flip solver setup. I found several tutorials covering setting up a pop collision detect node for a pop solver, but I'm unsure how to translate that to a flip solver - or even if a pop collision detect would work with a flip solver. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you!


Screenshot 2022-01-04 215324.jpg

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@atom If I can trouble you with a one more question - your example file was incredibly clear and thank you for sharing it.

My follow-up is - can the attribute transfer persist? In other words, once a blue particle collides with the box and turns red, can it STAY red, even once it rolls off the box and is no longer touching it?

I saw a few examples using a solver, but once I move the attribute transfer node into the solver the particle simulation either disappears or begins to act erratically. If you have any additional thoughts would much appreciate them.

Thank you!

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