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For mechanical animation: KineFX or "Classic" constraints?


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Hi everybody!

I'm mainly using Houdini to create some explosions, smoke, fire, particles and so on, effects.

But I want to create some mechanical animations like these:

Industrial robot arm
Industrial piston
Industrial mechanisms

What's the better way to do that with Houdini, working with all the KineFX system, or "simply" use the movements constraints system??

Thanks in advance for your answers! ;)

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On 18/03/2022 at 6:49 PM, Librarian said:

I have bunch of those just to see from who are they 'so to speak' ....and I'm gonna post some files..


Cool, and can you post here almost one sample file? Please? ^_^

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Hope it's OK to resurrect this thread...

I have exactly the same question as the OP - and a very similar situation. In this time of version 19.5 what is the best way forward for mechanical rigging like this?  KineFX, or the old constraints system?

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