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Volume density based on point position and/or depth

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I'm trying to figure out how to decrease a volume's density based on some value (say a point's position in space).

Say you have a sphere converted into a volume and a point at the center of that volume.

How do you go about calculating the volume's distance from that point and modifying the density based on that?

I would like the density to decrease the closer it is to the point.

I've tried volumesample(), volume gradient VOP node, and a few others...but I'm missing something.

Either VEX or VOP solution is fine.

Density decreases closer to the center...



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Thanks for the links. After some testing, they work, but the falloff created is not linear (for the shape I'm using).

I would like the density to be highest on the outside of the box shape and fade towards the "center". What I'm currently getting is: dense, less dense, than dense again (see image). RED text from 0-1 is what I would like.

See .hip file and image below.




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I noticed that increasing the resolution of the sphere seems to make the problem go away, but I'm not sure why that would make a difference

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