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How would you create this kind of snow accumulation?

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How can I create this effect, where snow seems to be accumulating behind these rocks?
I tried different approaches, like negative removal rates in the heightfield_erosion Sop. Nothing seems to work.

I can remember that I once saw a tutorial on exactly this, but I can`t find it anywhere.

I think this kind of snow pile up is whats missing from a lot of snowy mountains, created in 3d.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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18 hours ago, HM_2020 said:

great stuff, had to have a quick play with that!

Cool, I've just replaced the iterative approach by a tracer that does practically the same thing.

int steps = chi('steps');
float w = chf('width');

float dist = 0.0;
if(f@mask < 0.5){
    vector pos = v@P;
    for(int i = 0; i < steps; i++){
        vector grad = volumegradient(0, 'height', pos);
        pos -= normalize(grad) * w;
        float mask = volumesample(0, 'mask', pos);
        if(mask > 0.5){
            dist = 1.0 - i / (steps - 1.0);

f@mask = max(f@mask, dist);



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